October 1, 2023

Local employer, world class reputation

As we grow and develop Eumar Technology, we will naturally be focusing on our manufacturing processes, quality of output and our market. Underpinning all of that is the adoption of ISO14001 and broader sustainable practices. But none of that is possible without an empowered and engaged workforce.

Masks being made
September 2, 2023

Contract manufacturing – innovative, reliable, effective

As a growing business, we have consistently prioritised innovation and reliability. We make sure our clients can rely upon us to deliver the latest thinking and products that make a difference. At times that has been challenging for a small growing business!

Roller on machine
September 1, 2023

ISO14001 – learning so far

For organisations to grow, it is important to ask yourself the difficult questions that can go unnoticed or unanswered. Why ask a question that will make you feel uncomfortable? I wonder how many people are put off from doing ISO14001 for that reason?

July 1, 2023

Celebrating 75 Years of the NHS… our partner, our client, our future

A lot will be said about the National Health Service today, on its 75th anniversary, and there should be. A bit like a majestic oak tree, it has seen a lot of history and change over those years.