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September 2, 2023

Contract manufacturing – innovative, reliable, effective

As a growing business, we have consistently prioritised innovation and reliability. We make sure our clients can rely upon us to deliver the latest thinking and products that make a difference. At times that has been challenging for a small growing business!

When EUMAR TECHNOLOGY LIMITED‘s first products rolled off the production line nearly 30 years ago, we took that passion for improvement into everything we did. Now in our fourth decade, that passion in our employees for improvement is seen every day – in the products we design for market, in the products we produce and importantly, those products we produce for other companies.

Since our inception, Eumar Technology has undertaken contract manufacturing for our partners. Over the years, we have broadened our offer beyond simple production. Those who work with us now benefit from an end to end offer that utilises our employee’s high quality standards, our state of the art technology and dedication to improvement. It’s a service that companies producing small bespoke short run products to the largest in the world continue to benefit from.

The benefits of working with Eumar Technology include:

  • A single access end to end process that can include design assistance, manufacture, packaging and print.
  • Potential to work with our R&D team to design and/or improve products before they are produced. Our R&D team has many years of experience of working in the medical and non-woven sectors.
  • Provision for secondary packaging, with responsive short runs using the latest  inline printers with full UDI capability  – a one stop shop.

Contract manufacturing is a growing part of the Eumar Technology business as we invest in our production lines. We are already recognised for our R&D so it is important we can deliver on that development mentality, both for ourselves and our clients’ products.

We have upgraded our quality systems to high speed 4K camera systems. This has allowed us to improve quality and automation in production and reduce waste, increasing lean manufacturing. Working through ISO 14001, reducing waste is a major priority and a key component of our environmental programme. But over the next eight months, our programme of improvement will increase significantly as we grow.

We have a new production line coming on stream in early 2024. This will increase the types of products we can deliver, and allow further development to improve on medical device performance. The new line will also  free up other opportunities for sustained R&D, increasing our fully operational medical lines.

So while we are known for the quality, reliability and delivery of our own products, many in our market may not realise we are also delivering for other companies. So if you would like to know more about our innovative approach and delivery for contract manufacturing, please do get in touch – we would love to hear from you.