Sustainability is a passion embedded from factory floor to boardroom

At Eumar Technology and our sister company Ubersorb, sustainability is a personal journey to reduce the impact our companies have on the global environment. It is a journey focused on reducing our personal impact – not one of offsetting.

We recognise we are on a journey but that should not stop us setting ambitious sustainability goals and take action wherever we can. As a significant step, we are embedding the internationally recognised standard ISO14001 practices across our production lines.


We have already put in place a number of key steps to help reduce our carbon footprint and make an important difference to the environment:

We have begun a programme of onshoring to reduce the impact of sourcing raw materials from other regions. All raw materials are now sourced in Europe. These steps have had a dramatic impact on our shipping – we have reduced the miles travelled for one product by over 27,000 miles.

We have committed to a net zero target and are working with consultants to understand our carbon footprint.

We are rolling out the use of solar PVs and LED lights across our entire factory site.

we are certified against ISO14064-1:2018 as part of our net zero commitment.

Our short-term target as part of net zero is focussing on our scope 2 emissions over the next few years.

A review of packaging is underway to reduce waste and increase the amount of produce that can be transported by a single lorry – reducing the numbers of lorries we need and use.

All staff are encouraged to work with senior management to establish sustainability ideas and practice.

In a move to reduce waste, we are investigating how we build a circular economy into our factory processes.

Sustainability is not just about our practices – we expect our partners and clients to come on this journey with us. So when discussing innovation or product development and manufacture, we will always include this in discussions. Sustainability has to be a partnership and we are obviously keen to play our part.

Our road to net zero

As a team at Eumar Technology, we are committed to a net zero journey. Our passion to set an example as an SME and industry leader focuses our attention on doing what is right.

We are not fully clear what our net zero journey will look like going forward but we are incredibly proud to be on it.

We have successfully completed our baseline data collection and issued a carbon reduction plan as a result of completing the regional pilot scheme. Additionally, we have achieved certification against ISO 14064-1:2018. We have continued to work with Nero Limited to fully understand the environmental impact and assess how, as an SME, we can maximise our potential for change.

As a result of this work, we know what needs to be done as a business. The data shows us where we can make the biggest changes short and long-term to make a difference for a sustainable future.

ISO 14001

ISO has already been an incredible tool and project to commit to. It has set an important framework for us to understand our sustainable capabilities and its benefits are already far reaching across the organisation.

Working on achieving ISO14001 has given our staff a focus to drive their passion for sustainability, raising discussion throughout the company on what we can do better. Staff interaction and that of our ISO14001 delivery partner, has stimulated a range of actions that may not have been raised were it not for the standard.

ISO 14001 has also stimulated discussion around crucial issues including health and safety and how our colleagues are treated in the workplace. Eumar Technology and our sister company Ubersorb has always been proud of our approach to colleague wellbeing but having the ISO14001 process in place has helped us to reflect and improve our practices further.

Health & Safety