May 8, 2024

Taking Steps To Tackle Modern Slavery And Human Trafficking

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) hold immense power to drive positive change.

We make up the majority of employers and the economy – so together we can be a power for good.

It is therefore crucial to recognise our responsibility in fostering ethical practices, including developing robust anti-slavery policies. While companies the size of Eumar Technology and Ubersorb are not required to publish anti-slavery statements, we believe having that statement gives us a clear direction to follow. But it is only the start.

We are already undertaking a range of steps to play our part in this area:

  • By the summer, a third of our staff will have received their basic training to recognise the signs of modern slavery and human tracking.
  • All our suppliers must provide their anti-slavery policies to us. If they themselves are not as advanced in modern slavery awareness, we are taking steps to educate them. We believe in education and sharing, not closing the door.
  • Internally and externally we promote the indicators of modern slavery, so trends and practices can be spotted by staff wherever it may occur; we need to remain vigilant in our local community as well as in our supply chain.
  • Support and understanding is there for all staff should it be needed.

Over the coming months, we will be reaching out further to customers, partners, and our supply chain to develop those conversations around tackling modern slavery and human trafficking. We are also interested in hearing the steps you are taking and where we could work together.

So please, do get in touch with us. The door is open.